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The Six Figures Theatre Company is pleased to announce its fall production, the 2nd Annual Artists of Tomorrow Festival. Running for twenty days, from September 3 to September 22, the Artists of Tomorrow festival brings to the stage ten new dramatic works that are just now reaching coming into their theatrical maturity. Come see shows that have never been seen before, in their most rich and vibrant incarnations yet!

The Shows
Extravaganza Weekend

The largest ammunition accident since Vietnam sparks After the Storm, the true story of a young woman soldier's coming-of-age experience in the United States Army, written and performed by Heather Grayson* and directed by Tessa Leigh Derfner. Heather was fresh out of college when she was sent to the Gulf War. After the Storm brings us along as her high hopes and ambition give way to shocking betrayal and a private battle with the US military machine.

Written and performed by Heather Grayson
Directed by Tessa Leigh Derfner
Lighting design by Frank Dendanto III, assisted by Amanda Ringger
Sound design by Todd Griffin
Set design by Jeremy Chernick
Stage management by Mary E. Leach


Unconventional and nutty physical comedienne Hilary Chaplain invites us to share in some of her most intimate moments with A Life In Her Day. This show is a quirky and whimsical slice of life that defies even gravity as a lifetime is seen in a day. This plainclothes clown show is intended for adults.

Created and performed by Hilary Chaplain
Directorial assistance by Pat Buckley
Lights and sound by Christine Duenas


The Cowgirl Chronicles marks Vicki Caroline Cheatwood's return engagement with Artists of Tomorrow. Four short plays (Heaven, Noodling, The Last Time Cooper Took Midge Fishing, and Breathing Room) directed by Keith Oncale showcase the range of Ms. Cheatwood's comedic and Gothic sensibilities in her unique Southern style. An Actors Stock Company NYC production.

By Vicki Caroline Cheatwood
Produced by Actors Stock Company NYC
Directed by Keith Oncale
Assistant Directed by Abena Koomson
Designed by Gregory Tippit
Sound Design by Howard Harrison
Featuring: Stephen Aloi, Eileen Glenn, John Marino*,
Robyn Parsons*, Jane Titus*, Jenni Tooley


A compassionate but hard-hitting look at the human stories behind contemporary racial politics, written by Cheryl L. Davis, directed by Jessica Provenz, and featuring Dawn Bennett, Hope Garland, Karl Herlinger* and Soomi Kim*. When faced with budget cuts, a school district's decision to lay off a teacher leads to a racial dispute that changes a community forever. Inspired by a true event, the play features a talkback where the audience can question the characters about their decisions and actions within the world of the play. This will be a highly staged reading. Ticket price: $10

by Cheryl L. Davis
Directed by Jessica Provenz
With: Dawn Bennett, Hope Garland, Karl Herlinger*, and Soomi Kim*


A short clowning piece created and performed by Kendall Cornell, combines broad physical comedy with tender stupidity, as the Wallflower pushes her feminine wiles to the absurd. It's a classic situation with a contemporary girlpower edge.

Created and performed by Kendall Cornell
Sound design by Michael Kraskin
Directorial assistance by Tom Scott
Lights and sound by Christine Duenas

The Nine Lives of Patty Hearst

A one-woman multimedia fantasia about the most famous kidnapping case in American history, written and performed by Alice Gentles, directed by Kevin Bohl, produced by Michael Roth, and with cinematography and editing by Alex Barszap. Fourteen different characters, most of them strange, all of them real, dish out the facts, the theories, and the lies. Truth is after all stranger than fiction.

Created and performed by Alice Gentles
Directed by Kevin Bohl
Cinematography and editing by Alex Barszap
Lighting design: Patrick Glynn
Sound design: Cole Gentles
Managing producer: Michael Roth


A new translation by Joseph Goodrich of the play by Euripides, directed by Nick Faust and featuring Vanessa Skantze and Matthew Morgan. The production brings a fresh vision of Euripides' play: faithful to the ideas and tone of the original, yet fresh and contemporary in its language and realization on stage. This Medea is not a moribund, academic example of "Greek tragedy," but a living theatrical event.

By Euripides in a new translation by Joseph Goodrich
Directed by Nick Faust
With Vanessa Skantze as Medea, Matthew Morgan as Jason, Joey Miles as Chorus,
and Ron Gural as Creon/Aegeus


The Madman of Russia, a staged reading of a new play about Nikolai Gogol's struggle with the forces that worked to prevent him from revealing truth and ridiculing darkness, written by Carolyn Moses, directed by Bob Jaffe, and featuring Scott Schaefer*, Nicholas Stannard*, and Marilyn Chris*. Gogol, uncontrollably compelled to expose the "devilish traits" in his 19th century Russian society, comes into conflict with the powerful on the right, and the short-sighted and dangerous on the left. Ticket price: $10

By Caroline Moses
Directed by Bob Jaffe
With Drew Eliot*, Michael Latshaw*, Scott Schaefer*,
Nicholas Stannard*, and Marilyn Chris*

The Life of a Professional Female Magician

Maritess is one of the top professional female magicians in the United States today. Follow this Filipina-American's treacherous journey from the backstreets of Chicago to colorful Las Vegas. Travel with her to the international stages of Europe and Asia and let her show you the magic to be found right here in New York. See her bizarre and often hilarious life story unfold before you through illusion, sleight-of-hand, and mindreading. The show features live music by Elaine Benavides. The Human Orchestra is Kenny Muhammud and watch out for the Girliemagic dancers. Sunday special guest star: Kevin So.

Created and performed by Maritess
Live music by Elaine Benavides
With Kenny Muhammud, the Girliemagic dancers, and Kevin So


In Ipswich Waiting, a staged reading of a new verse play about two women, both condemned of witchcraft, imprisoned together in the Ipswich town jail, written by Emily DeVoti, directed by Allyn Burrows, featuring Corinna May*, David Adkins*, Carey Urban*, Karen Beaumont*, and Henry Leyva*. The play is a counter-Crucible, a poetically accurate exploration of the true victims of the witchcraft scares of the 17th century: women, and the society that created them. Ticket price: $10

by Emily DeVoti
directed by Allyn Burrows
with David Adkins* as Reverend Frye
Corinna May* as Goody Foley, Carey Urban* as Clara,
Karen Beaumont* as Goody Sloan, and Henry Leyva* as Trapper

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Tuesday, September 3, 8 pm
A Life in Her Day

Wednesday, September 4, 8 pm
Carefully Taught

Thursday, September 5, 8 pm
Carefully Taught

Friday, September 6, 8 pm
Eclectic Little Circus: the Nine Lives of Patty Hearst

Saturday, September 7, 2 pm
A Life in Her Day

Saturday, September 7, 8 pm
Eclectic Little Circus: the Nine Lives of Patty Hearst

Sunday, September 8, 8 pm
A Life in Her Day

Monday, September 9, 8 pm
After the Storm

Tuesday, September 10, 8 pm
After the Storm w/ talkback

Wednesday, September 11
We are planning an open evening to acknowledge the events of September 11, 2001. The evening will feature a performance of September 11: In Our Own Words in the sanctuary and a gathering of the artists in the West End Theatre consortium.

Thursday, September 12, 8 pm
Cowgirl Chronicles

Friday, September 13, 8 pm
Cowgirl Chronicles

Saturday, September 14, 2pm and 8 pm

Sunday, September 15, 3 pm
In Ipswich Waiting

Sunday, September 15, 8 pm

Monday, September 16, 8 pm
In Ipswich Waiting

Tuesday, September 17, 8 pm
The Madman of Russia

Wednesday, September 18, 8 pm
The Madman of Russia

Thursday, September 19, 8 pm

Friday, September 20, 8 pm

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Three weeks of theatre crammed into three days!!! See the shows you missed, come back for the ones you loved, or see them all in one fell swoop!

Friday, September 20

Saturday, September 21
Madman Cowgirl in Ipswich Carefully Waiting
Sample the writings of Carolyn Moses, Vicki Caroline Cheatwood, Emily DeVoti, and Cheryl L. Davis

Strumpets and Crumpets
It's High Tea, Six Figures style! Join the artists for tea and tasties. Discuss "Women in Theatre - what the hell is going on?!?" Punk rock or fancy fine attire encouraged.

After the Storm


Sunday, September 22
Eclectic Little Circus: the Nine Lives of Patty Hearst


Carefully Taught

$50 gets you in to everything…AND we'll let you take your tea cup home with you as a souvenir! We might even invite you to the cast party Saturday night (if you're still standing). Or see any show you like for $15, or pay $20 for all three shows on Sunday.

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